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Annual Founders Day Picnic

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Drain Tips

Please see the following tips for drains in your unit.

A completely clogged drain will require the help of a professional plumber, but baking soda and vinegar might be a quick fix for a partially clogged drain. This solution will dissolve and push the sludge through the pipes to allow water to flow through easily.

1. Let hot water run for a minute to warm up the pipes.
2. Drop in 1/2 cup of baking soda down the drain.
3. Pour in 1 cup of vinegar, cover the drain with a plug and let sit for 10 minutes – you will hear fizzing.
4. Rinse with more hot water.

Please do not pour bleach directly down the drains as it will kill the good bacteria in the septic systems.

Septic Tanks System Installing
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